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Best Construction / Contractors Industry Awards

Construction & contractors Awards for Arabian region.

The construction sector has roots in every nook and corner of the Arabian region. The growth of infrastructure is greatly influenced by the building sector, which is the face of urbanization. An acknowledgment is necessary for this industry because it serves the interests of commercial organizations and accommodates millions of people worldwide.

Golden Tree Events Dubai, organizing and administering, has presented a chance for these accomplishments to be recognised as Awards for the construction sector & contractors from the best of the best in the Arabian region. The Construction & Contractors Awards will be an honor & privilege for the candidates as one of the most prestigious organizations that conducts numerous awards programmes & Gala ceremonies throughout the World.

Simply participating in the Construction & Contractors Awards draws many viewers from all across the Arabian region, which helps the hopefuls grow. Many business titans and experts attend Gala events, which provide a wonderful platform for the construction industry's potential future growth.

Construction / Contractors Award Categories

  • Best Building Contractor
  • Best Steel Constructions Contractor
  • Best Pre-Fabricated Building Contractor
  • Best Pre-Fabricated Concrete House Contractor
  • Best 3D Printing Building Construction Contractor
  • Best Exterior Building Cladding Contractor
  • Best Carpentry & Steel works Contractor
  • Best Construction Material Trader
  • Best Iron & Steel Trader
  • Best Timber Trader
  • Best Bathroom & Sanitary Ware Trader
  • Best Marble & Natural Stones Trader
  • Best Wooden Products Trader
  • Best Tanks & Silos Trader
  • Best Electrical Fittings Trader
  • Best Tiles & Flooring Materials Trader
  • Best False Ceilings Trader
  • Best Cement Products Trader
  • Best Gypsum Products Trader
  • Workshop Hardware & Tools Trader
  • Pipes & Fittings Trader
  • Best Glass & Mirrors Trader
  • Building Metal Products Trader
  • Best Fibre Glass Products Trader
  • Best Decoration Materials & Partitions Trader
  • Best Readymix Concrete Trader
  • Best Fencing & Barbed Wire Trader
  • Best Doors, Windows & other Plastic Building Products Trader
  • Best Paints & Varnishes Trader
  • Best Metal Products Trader
  • Best Cargo Containers Trader
  • Best Pre-Fabricated Houses Trader
  • Best Swimming Pools Trader
  • Best Insulation & Protection Materials Trader
  • Best Domestic Safety Products Trader
  • Best Steel and Basic Steel products trader
  • Best Metal Works Trader
  • Best Lighting Equipment Trader
  • Best Green Buildings Construction materials Trader
  • Best MEP contractors
  • Best Architecture Contractors
  • Best Road Contractor
  • Best Engineering Contractor
  • Best Construction Contractor
  • Best Construction Project Management Company
  • Best Construction Contractor
  • Best Consulting Company - Construction
  • Best Landscaping Company

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