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Best Education Industry Awards

EDUCATION Industry Awards for Arabian region

Every individual gets their first knowledge of the outside world through education. The education sector is in charge of developing young people's innovative and creative thinking. Each educational institution is structured through the work of several mentors. These mentors are ensured to receive recognition through the education industry awards based in the Arabian region.

Golden Tree Events, management & organizing hosts the education sector awards, where organizations from all around the Arabian region compete for recognition of their exceptional offerings. With this occasion comes recognition, opening up a global marketing outlet to showcase their products. This platform acts as a setting where the beneficial effect will disseminate for years to come.

The prizes will shape and plough the route for the contestants because achieving a position among the expanding world calls for great sacrifices. Our events and prizes are renowned and respected all around the world, especially in the Arabian region.

Education Award Categories

  • Best Training Institute
  • Best Emerging Education Company
  • Best Innovative Education Company
  • Best Customer Friendly Education Company
  • Best School
  • Best College
  • Best Technical College
  • Best Arts & Science College
  • Best Exam Preparation Center
  • Best Corporate Training Institute
  • Best University
  • Best E-learning platform company
  • Best International School
  • Best Public School
  • Best Public University
  • Best Distant Learning Institute
  • Best Soft skills training institute
  • Best Technical Training Institute
  • Best Computer Training Institute
  • Best Online Education Company
  • Best Online Coaching Company
  • Best Vocational Training Institute
  • Best Clinical Research Institute
  • Best Teacher's Training Institute
  • Best Retail Management Institute
  • Best Banking Institute
  • Best Aviation Training Institute
  • Best Hotel Management Institute
  • Best Interior Designing Institute
  • Best Fashion Designing Institute
  • Best Beauty Training Institute
  • Best Animation & Multimedia Training Institute
  • Best IT Training Institute (Hardware & Networking)
  • Best IT Training Institute (Software & Web Designing)
  • Best Jewellery Designing Institute
  • Best Textile Designing Institute
  • Best Biotechnology Institute
  • Best Journalism & Mass Communication Institute
  • Best Institute for Financial Education
  • Best Security Training Institute
  • Best Language Training Institute
  • Best Online Education Platform/Program
  • Best Business School
  • Best Emerging Business School
  • Best Engineering College
  • Best Emerging Engineering College
  • Best Early Learning Centre
  • Best Nursery School
  • Best Early Learning Centre - Innovation
  • Best Nursery School - Innovation
  • Best Early Learning Centre - Value for Money
  • Best Nursery School - Value for Money
  • Best Training Centre - Life Skills
  • Best Training Centre - Personal Development
  • Best Innovative Training Centre
  • Best Education Centre - Astronomy
  • Best Education Centre - Space Sciences
  • Best School - CBSE Curriculum
  • Best Nursery school Chain
  • Best Education Company - Excellence
  • Best Education Company - Value for Money
  • Best Education Company - People's Choice
  • Best Education Company - Innovative
  • Best Training Institute - Management Course
  • Best Personality Development Training centre
  • Best Training Institute - Logistics
  • Best Training Institute - Healthcare /Medical
  • Best Training Institute - Management
  • Best Technology Driven Education Company

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