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Best Food & Beverages Industry Awards

Food and Beverages Award for Middle East region

Since it was established to provide fundamental requirements, the food and beverage business has expanded significantly. Modernization has caused significant alterations in the food and beverage sector. Every business in the sector strives to get the most use out of its innovations. To produce a much more delicious result, constant attention and effort are put in. Many do it successfully, establishing their domination in the field.

With the launch of the Food and Beverages Awards, Golden Tree Events, Managing and Organizing has presented the chance to showcase the companies and their finished goods to the general public from the Arabian industry. Being a part of the Awards gives tremendous support for the companies from the Arabian region which will eventually increase their capsize.

The categories in which the prizes are listed include those for fine dining, upscale dining, food makers, beverage producers, and owners of bakeries. Only the best of the best from the Arabian region will be selected as title holders. Whether a startup or a top-grossing corporation, we welcome them all and provide them the chance to nominate their organizations with a good chance of them entering the toplist.

Food & Beverages Award Categories

  • Best Chinese Fine Dining Restaurant
  • Best Designed Restaurant
  • Best Luxury Restaurant
  • Best Fine Dining Restaurant
  • Best International Restaurant
  • Best Continental Restaurant
  • Best Middle Eastern Restaurant
  • Best Modern Austrian Cuisine

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