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Best LifeStyle (Furniture / Interiors /Decors /Luxury Products) Industry Awards

Lifestyle (LUXURY) awards

In the modern era, everyone is fixated on living a luxurious lifestyle. This covers everything from high-end interior design and furnishings to cutting-edge clothing and luxurious living. New fashion trends are introduced every day, outpacing the ones that already exist. The lifestyle industry has tremendously grown in the Middle east region. Many organizations in the Arabian region have showcased world class quality of products among the world.

The luxury industries work hard to produce the greatest possible goods and services. These industries attract consumers' attention thanks to the tireless work of the people who run them. In order to ensure that these People & Organizations are Acknowledged & Rewarded for their Contribution to the Luxury World, we, at Golden Tree Events Dubai, Organizing & managing The World Lifestyle Awards were established for that purpose.

The World Lifestyle Awards will become a platform of success & fame for the competitors from the Arabian region,. where unlimited chances are unlocked and unending desires are realized. The world will come together for these hopeful days.

LifeStyle (Furniture / Interiors /Decors /Luxury Products) Award Categories

  • Best Interior Design Company
  • Best Luxury Interior Design Company
  • Best Interior Design Company - Apartment
  • Best Interior Design Company - Villas
  • Best Interior Design Company - Residential
  • Best interior Design Company - Hotel
  • Best Interior Design Company - Corporate
  • Best Interior Design Company - Retail
  • Best Interior Design Company - F & B Industry
  • Best Architect & Interior Design Studio
  • Best Luxury Architect & Interior Design Studio
  • Best Luxury Experience Maker
  • Best Home Decor
  • Best Jewellery Brand
  • Best Luxury Jewellery Brand
  • Best Furniture Retailer
  • Best Luxury Furniture Retailer
  • Best Luxury Furniture Company
  • Best Modern Furniture Company
  • Best Interior Design Company - Commercial

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