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Logistics & Transportation Awards

The nominations are open for all companies from Logistics & Transportation and etc.

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Best Logistics & Transportation Industry Awards


With the development of Logistics & the Transportation Industry, the movement of materials has become simple. Whether it be domestic or global, the movement of commodities has increased significantly. The expansion of this sector has given rural regions of the world new ways to discover goods from other lands. Especially, the Arabian region is one where most imports from all over the world is taken place.

By offering Awards for the Logistics & transportation business in the Middle east region, Golden Tree Events has been able to highlight all of this sector's achievements. With the establishment of Logistics & transportation industry awards, all the efforts of this sector will be honored. Along with the industrial groups, those who made an effort to advance the organization will also be recognised and honored.

All modes of transportation, including land, air, and ocean, will be covered under the logistics and transportation awards. We make sure that no organization deserving of appreciation is overlooked. The winners of the Awards programme will be made public, allowing a larger network to spread the word about their business and services.

Are you the leader in Arabian Region ?

If yes then here is the right opportunity to showcase your product / service to the world of business

Winning Levels

At the Arabian Best of Best Awards, Nominees are eligible to win in 4 levels such as Gold Winner, Diamond Winner, Platinum Winner, Titanium Winner based on the total points they score during the entire award stages ( First level jury review, Voting, Final Jury Review )

Gold Level : 60 to 70 Points

Diamond Level : 71 to 80 Points

Platinum Level : 81 to 90 Points

Titanium Level : above 91 Points

Logistics & Transportation Award Sectors

Logistics & Transportation

Logistics & Transportation Awards

Are you the leader in Arabian Region ?

If yes then here is the right opportunity to showcase your product / service to the world of business

Logistics & Transportation Award Categories

  • Best Domestic Logistics Company
  • Best International Logistics Company
  • Best Transport Company
  • Best Air Cargo Company
  • Best Shipping Agency
  • Best Shipping Company
  • Best Logistics Technology Company
  • Best Logistic Online Portal
  • Best Logistic Platform - B2B
  • Best Logistic Platform - B2C
  • Best Delivery Management company
  • Best Shipping & Logistics Company
  • Best General Manager - Logistics
  • Best Emerging General Manager - Logistics
  • Best Young General Manager - Logistics
  • Most Promising General Manager - Logistics
  • Best Employee friendly General Manager - Logistics
  • Best Customer friendly General Manager - Logistics
  • Highly Successful General Manager - Logistics
  • Most Valuable General Manager - Logistics
  • Best Innovative General Manager - Logistics
  • Highly Experienced General Manager - Logistics
  • Best Hospitality Leader - Logistics
  • Best CEO - Logistics
  • Best Emerging CEO - Logistics
  • Best Young CEO - Logistics
  • Most Promising CEO - Logistics
  • Best Employee friendly CEO - Logistics
  • Best Customer friendly CEO - Logistics
  • Highly Successful CEO - Logistics
  • Most Valuable CEO - Logistics
  • Best Innovative CEO - Logistics
  • Best Emerging Woman Leader - Logistics
  • Best Woman Leader - Logistics
  • Best Innovative Woman Leader - Logistics
  • Best Young Woman Achiever - Logistics
  • Best Young Woman CEO - Logistics
  • Best Woman CEO - Logistics
  • Best Woman Entrepreneur - Logistics
  • Best Young Woman Entrepreneur - Logistics
  • Most Inspiring Woman - Logistics
  • Best PR & Marketing Professional - Logistics
  • Best HR Professional - Logistics
  • Best Innovative Entrepreneur - Logistics
  • Best Emerging Entrepreneur - Logistics
  • Best Technology Entrepreneur - Logistics
  • Best Young Entrepreneur - Logistics
  • Best Serial Entrepreneur - Logistics
  • Highly Experienced CEO - Logistics
  • Best Movers & packers
  • Best Relocation Service provider
  • Best General Manager - Logistics
  • Best Managing Director - Logistics
  • Best Business Development Manager - Logistics
  • Best Young GM - Logistics
  • Highly Successful Entrepreneur - Logistics
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Are you the leader in Arabian Region ?

If yes then here is the right opportunity to showcase your product / service to the world of business

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