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Manufacturing / Industries Awards

The nominations are open for all companies from Manufacturing / Industries and etc.

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Best Manufacturing / Industries Industry Awards

Manufacturing industry

The continuous availability of products on the market is maintained by the Manufacturing sectors. This industry is crucial in helping to satisfy our high supply demands. Manufacturing industries play a key role in sustaining other industries, without this industry, everything will cease to exist.

Our Manufacturing Industry Awards conducted in the Arabian region, which we at The Golden Tree events, organizing and managing, are a significant venue for the manufacturing industries to be honored and acknowledged for their outstanding efforts. The  Manufacturing Industry Awards is designed for all  industry's operating divisions. Any business that fits the definition of a startup or a Fortune 500 company is eligible for nomination. Only the best of the best companies from the Arabian region will be declared as winners.

The Manufacturing Industry Awards are the ideal venue for all the outstanding and dedicated professionals in the field to gather and rejoice. The platform also gives you the chance to network with successful people in your sector and grow your customer base by presenting your goods.

Are you the leader in Arabian Region ?

If yes then here is the right opportunity to showcase your product / service to the world of business

Winning Levels

At the Arabian Best of Best Awards, Nominees are eligible to win in 4 levels such as Gold Winner, Diamond Winner, Platinum Winner, Titanium Winner based on the total points they score during the entire award stages ( First level jury review, Voting, Final Jury Review )

Gold Level : 60 to 70 Points

Diamond Level : 71 to 80 Points

Platinum Level : 81 to 90 Points

Titanium Level : above 91 Points

Manufacturing / Industries Award Sectors

Manufacturing / Industries

Manufacturing / Industries Awards

Are you the leader in Arabian Region ?

If yes then here is the right opportunity to showcase your product / service to the world of business

Manufacturing / Industries Award Categories

  • Best Product Manufacturing Company - Rubber Industry
  • Best Electro Mechanical Company
  • Best General Manager - Manufacturing
  • Best Emerging General Manager - Manufacturing
  • Best Young General Manager - Manufacturing
  • Most Promising General Manager - Manufacturing
  • Best Employee friendly General Manager - Manufacturing
  • Best Customer friendly General Manager - Manufacturing
  • Highly Successful General Manager - Manufacturing
  • Most Valuable General Manager - Manufacturing
  • Best Innovative General Manager - Manufacturing
  • Highly Experienced General Manager - Manufacturing
  • Best Hospitality Leader - Manufacturing
  • Best CEO - Manufacturing
  • Best Emerging CEO - Manufacturing
  • Best Young CEO - Manufacturing
  • Most Promising CEO - Manufacturing
  • Best Employee friendly CEO - Manufacturing
  • Best Customer friendly CEO - Manufacturing
  • Highly Successful CEO - Manufacturing
  • Most Valuable CEO - Manufacturing
  • Best Innovative CEO - Manufacturing
  • Best Emerging Woman Leader - Manufacturing
  • Best Woman Leader - Manufacturing
  • Best Innovative Woman Leader - Manufacturing
  • Best Young Woman Achiever - Manufacturing
  • Best Young Woman CEO - Manufacturing
  • Best Woman CEO - Manufacturing
  • Best Woman Entrepreneur - Manufacturing
  • Best Young Woman Entrepreneur - Manufacturing
  • Most Inspiring Woman - Manufacturing
  • Best PR & Marketing Professional - Manufacturing
  • Best HR Professional - Manufacturing
  • Best Innovative Entrepreneur - Manufacturing
  • Best Emerging Entrepreneur - Manufacturing
  • Best Technology Entrepreneur - Manufacturing
  • Best Young Entrepreneur - Manufacturing
  • Best Serial Entrepreneur - Manufacturing
  • Best Water Desalination Company
  • Best Water Treatment company
  • Best Water Purification Company
  • Best Water Purifier
  • Best Agricultural machinery manufacturer
  • Best Aircraft manufacturer
  • Best Auto parts manufacturer
  • Best Battery manufacturer
  • Best Boiler manufacturer
  • Best Brick manufacturer
  • Best Car manufacturer
  • Best Carpet manufacturer
  • Best Cement manufacturer
  • Best Ceramic manufacturer
  • Best Cheese manufacturer
  • Best Chemical manufacturer
  • Best Clothes and fabric manufacturer
  • Best Computer hardware manufacturer
  • Best Cosmetic products manufacturer
  • Best Display stand manufacturer
  • Best Door manufacturer
  • Best Electrical equipment manufacturer
  • Best Electronics manufacturer
  • Best Elevator manufacturer
  • Best Fabric product manufacturer
  • Best Feed manufacturer
  • Best Fireplace manufacturer
  • Best FMCG manufacturer
  • Best Food manufacturer
  • Best Food seasoning manufacturer
  • Best Frozen food manufacturer
  • Best Fur manufacturer
  • Best Furniture manufacturer
  • Best Gasket manufacturer
  • Best Glass manufacturer
  • Best Glassware manufacturer
  • Best Idol manufacturer
  • Best Jewelry manufacturer
  • Best Knitwear manufacturer
  • Best Leather goods manufacturer
  • Best Lighting manufacturer
  • Best Lingerie manufacturer
  • Best Machinery parts manufacturer
  • Best Machining manufacturer
  • Best Manufacturer
  • Best Match box manufacturer
  • Best Medical equipment manufacturer
  • Best Medical technology manufacturer
  • Best Musical instrument manufacturer
  • Best Olive oil manufacturer
  • Best Optical products manufacturer
  • Best Paint manufacturer
  • Best Plastic resin manufacturer
  • Best Portable building manufacturer
  • Best Pottery manufacturer
  • Best Souvenir manufacturer
  • Best Sportwear manufacturer
  • Best Stationery manufacturer
  • Best Sticker manufacturer
  • Best Tea manufacturer
  • Best Tile manufacturer
  • Best Tyre manufacturer
  • Best Tool manufacturer
  • Best Toy and game manufacturer
  • Best Toy manufacturer
  • Best Trailer manufacturer
  • Best Truss manufacturer
  • Best Ventilating equipment manufacturer
  • Best Watch manufacturer
  • Best Willow basket manufacturer
  • Best Air Compressor Manufacturer/Seller
  • Highly Experienced CEO - Manufacturing
  • Best Trophy Manufacturer
  • Best Trophy Retailer
  • Best Steel manufacturer
  • Best General Manager - Manufacturing
  • Best Managing Director - Manufacturing
  • Best Business Development Manager - Manufacturing
  • Best Young GM - Manufacturing
  • Highly Successful Entrepreneur - Manufacturing
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Are you the leader in Arabian Region ?

If yes then here is the right opportunity to showcase your product / service to the world of business

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