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Best Start-ups All Industries Industry Awards

The Golden Tree Startup Awards: Recognizing the Best of the Best in Arabian Entrepreneurship

The Arabian Peninsula is home to some of the world's most innovative and dynamic startups. The Middle East is a hub of entrepreneurial activity, with a thriving ecosystem of investors, incubators, and accelerators supporting the growth of new businesses. Arabian startups are not only contributing to the economic growth of the region, but they are also playing a key role in addressing some of the most pressing challenges facing the Middle East today.

At The Golden Tree, we are proud to celebrate the best of the best in the Arabian startup scene through our annual awards ceremony. Our awards recognize the most creative and innovative companies in the region, across all industries. Whether you are a technology startup, a social enterprise, or a creative agency, we want to hear from you.

Participating in our awards is a great way to gain visibility and recognition for your startup, both in the Middle East and on a global scale. Our awards provide a platform for participants to showcase their work to potential investors, customers, and partners, and to build a stronger brand and customer base. So don't miss your chance to be part of the Arabian startup scene's elite. Enter The Golden Tree's Startup Awards today and be recognized as one of the best of the best in the Middle East.

Start-ups All Industries Award Categories

  • Best Innovative Start-up
  • Best Start-up - Technology
  • Best Start-up - Fintech
  • Best Start-up - IOT
  • Best Digital / Online Start-up
  • Best Emerging Start-up
  • Best Mobility Start-up
  • Best Creative Entrepreneur (Startup)
  • Best Start-up - Technology (VR)
  • Best Logistics / Fulfilment Start-up
  • Best Food & Beverage Start-up
  • Best Healthcare Start-up
  • Best Education Start-up
  • Best Bootstrapped Business
  • Best Retail Start-up
  • Best Travel Start-up
  • Best Real Estate Startup
  • Best Freight Forwarding Agent
  • Best Energy Start-up
  • Best Home or Craft-based Start-up
  • Best Creative Start-up
  • Best Social Impact Start-up

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